Signal AI works with MBS’s knowledge analyst to improve information-sharing among senior management and across the company.

The problem

To keep on top of industry news and events, MBS subscribed to dozens of trade sources across multiple industry sectors. Leah Oppenheimer would analyze each of these sources every morning, searching for relevant content that would be shared in the MBS News and throughout the company.

This task took a long time to complete, and stories sometimes slipped through the net. MBS had to find a way to get all their news through a single platform.

‘The volume of information was really high, so we needed something to filter out the noise!”

The solution

Signal AIQ-powered solution allows MBS to have all their key news sources in one place, meaning that Leah doesn’t have to visit dozens of websites each morning. This saves a great deal of time. The MBS News is now sent out around 3 hours earlier than it was previously, freeing up time in Leah’s day to keep abreast of market intelligence in the consumer industries.

“Signal AI helps us to access news in one place and in a more user-friendly way. Before Signal AI, we struggled to get the newsletter out before midday because we had to trawl through so much information.”


As well as saving time on delivering the MBS News, Leah is able to share key insights around the company more easily than before. Partners now get information on clients and prospects in helpful digests each morning, and Leah is able to send breaking news to key stakeholders in real-time.

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