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Louise Winmill heads up the corporate communications team. It’s her responsibility to track what is being said about the company at any given moment and to maintain, protect, and promote the company’s reputation.

With so many partners, negative press could come from anywhere, but her time is precious, and efficiency is important, so she needs a media monitoring solution that gives her hyper-relevant media intelligence in real-time.

The need for media intelligence

Louise needs to track what is being said about in the media continuously. She needs to see and understand what is happening in the wider industry to gauge consumer confidence, how their competitors are performing, and what they are saying.

“We need to have full media intelligence of the market place at any given moment. Both as a company but also what is happening in the wider world that may impact our business. We needed a solution which gave us the ability to track not just the right media publications, but also track whatever key term we needed and see the results instantly.”

It was clear Louise needed a solution that gave her the flexibility to search and track unlimited news mentions, but also track broadcast and have the option to receive it in real-time.

Real-time, unlimited media tracking

Many of the main suppliers in the media monitoring market did not have all the features or functionality she needed to identify and track all her news. They were either too costly, inflexible, or did not provide real-time alerts – a key requirement.

“The area I value most is the ability to track whatever search term, whatever company, and the option to narrow down to a small group of publications they may be covered in or see who are talking about them. Signal is not just a media monitoring tool, but a media intelligence tool. This is what sets Signal apart.”

Signal AI not only allowed her to identify her news – in print, online, and broadcast – in real-time, but also allowed her to track an unlimited number of terms at no extra cost, so she could be flexible to the company’s needs.

“The broadcast functionality is amazing. With Signal AI, we can instantly identify a broadcast, get the transcript, and see the recording in the platform. This is massively helpful.”

Media intelligence where you don’t miss a story

By using Signal AI, Louise knows she won’t miss any news. She considers a media intelligence solution, rather than just a media monitoring solution. It doesn’t just keep her on top of the news she needs across a broad range of topics, but also aids efficiency – offering a daily news digest, allowing her to create clipping reports quickly within the platform or turn on real-time alerts, to keep track of an evolving news story:

“I feel 100% confident we will never miss a mention of our business.”

Ease-of-use with great support

With a simple, intuitive platform, Louise can create and edit feeds directly in the platform, as well as creating reports when needed. And when there’s an issue she needs resolving, she knows she can rely on the customer success team to support her every step of the way.

“I was impressed with the technology powering Signal AI. Machine learning enables me to get the news I need, when I need it, and there is no reliance on manual curation…. I am very excited for how Signal will develop and enhance their media intelligence platform, especially in analysis. I fully trust the AI technology behind Signal to provide the results I need”.

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