How to look beyond big numbers in media analysis

Interrogate the data and understand what’s driving the coverage

Measuring PR has traditionally leant on big numbers that fail to reflect the real impact of Comms. To fully analyze the media, Comms teams need to be able to interrogate data and look beyond the big numbers to understand what’s driving coverage.

In order to take ownership of how Communications is measured, understanding the role PR plays within the organisation is an important first step. Moving beyond vanity metrics is possible with an AI-powered media monitoring and analysis platform. With the right metrics that show the true impact of PR & Comms, fewer CEOs and boards will be able to say ‘So what’.

Signal AI has launched Dashboards, a new feature that provides insights and the ability to report on performance with the metrics that demonstrate the impact of Comms. Signal AI is a strategic communications tool that uses AI to analyze global media and provide insight. Communications teams can answer the strategic questions that matter to their business, by including analytics around sentiment, coverage, share of voice, competitors and topical alignment in a centralized location. Request a demo to see how Dashboards can help you better analyze the media.

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