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Case Study 09/05/2024

How Instinctif Applies AI to Share More Valuable Insights with Clients

“The combination of advanced tools and expert analysis is essential for any business serious about harnessing communications to support its commercial objectives.” – Andy Lane, Instinctif Partners  Headquartered in the…

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Article 07/05/2024

Greenwashing to Greenhushing: Why ESG Remains a Key Reputation & Regulatory Risk

The rise of the Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) movement as a pillar of corporate social responsibility has become synonymous with corporate reputation.  With purportedly good intentions or perhaps simply…

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Video 01/05/2024

[Webinar] What our AI says about Biden vs. Trump: Introducing the Signal AI 2024 US Elections Tracker

In this webinar, featuring insights from Stephen Krupin, Obama’s Former Speechwriter, we unveil the Signal AI 2024 US Elections Tracker….

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Article 30/04/2024

Congress Approves TikTok Ban Bill: Here’s What Big Tech & Social Media Companies Should Monitor

Congress has approved legislation that may lead to a TikTok ban unless its Chinese owner, ByteDance Ltd., sells the app within a year.  Such a ban would reshape the social…

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Whitepaper 24/04/2024

[Report] The 3 As of Artificial Intelligence

Compared to other tech advancements, artificial intelligence entered our world at record speeds—with Chat-GPT and Gen AI reaching 100 million users in only two months—bringing new risks and opportunities. Businesses…

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big oil industry stock image
Article 16/04/2024

Eco-Warriors vs. Petro-Giants: Are Climate Activists a Reputational Risk to Big Oil?

Climate activists have been turning up the heat on Big Oil. From throwing soup at Van Gogh’s sunflowers to staging slow marches through London’s streets, their steadfast commitment to stopping…

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Article 10/04/2024

The Race Rages On: Findings from Signal AI’s U.S. Elections Index

By: Dan Gaynor, Head of Strategic Solutions at Signal AI The first article of this series came swiftly after Super Tuesday and Biden’s State of the Union address. After Nikki…

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Article 02/04/2024

The Red Sea Ripple Effect: How Global Conflicts Impact Retail Supply Chains

The Red Sea is a vital route in international trade. Geopolitical tensions have thrown this essential artery into chaos, disrupting the flow of goods between Europe, the Middle East, and…

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Video 28/03/2024

[Webinar] Transforming Strategic Communications: AI-Driven Insights with Instinctif Partners

Hear what Andy Lane, Deputy Managing Director – UK & Ireland at Instinctif Partners and Sheen Yap, VP of Product at Signal AI have to say about how AI has…

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