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Video • 15/11/2022

Exec Connect Live On-Demand Videos


Signal AI Exec Connect Live brought together CMOs, CCOs, and other PR & Comms leaders to discuss the future of the industry and the impact reputation has on company performance.

Click below to watch the full video recordings of the following sessions:

Keynote with Dex Hunter-Torricke: The Myths We Tell Ourselves About Tech

There are several truisms about tech that are, well, not true – younger employees hate remote working, robots will take our jobs, news will be written by robots, social media makes us all sad. Hear how the world will truly comprehend what we can do with tech and data – and what we can’t – when we understand these myths.

Speaker: Dex Hunter-Torricke, VP of Global Communications & Public Engagement for Meta Oversight Board and former personal speech writer for Mark Zuckerberg

Fireside Chat with Jen Prosek and Christine Anderson: ESG, Technology and Business Leadership – What is Coming in the Next 5 Years?

As the need to satisfy stakeholder demands around ESG grows – like remaining authentic in the face of greenwashing or satisfying ambitious net zero targets – the myriad of challenges for businesses grows by the day. But how can technology turn these challenges into opportunities?

In this session Jen and Christine discussed how tech can enable more confident decisions at the leadership level when it comes to measuring ESG credentials and fulfilling sustainable promises.

SpeakersJen Prosek, Founder of Prosek Partners, Christine Anderson, Global Head of Corporate Affairs, Blackstone


The Reputation Data Revolution and the Winners and Losers in Corporate Reputation

There’s a revolution happening for data. Reputation’s importance to business is on the up, increasing the need for the right kind of data on the outside world.

While there is a massive opportunity for comms leaders, the amount of data is overwhelming. It’s still a major challenge to obtain the right insight to understand what’s driving a brand’s perception, inform the narrative of a business and influence strategy.

The Signal AI team announced a new innovative index for corporate reputation and share the winners and losers in the reputation game, The Signal AI 500.  We unveiled new technology that for the first time allows Communications leaders to quantify the impact of their company actions and communications on their reputation and share how leading communicators are already using data to drive their reputation forward.

Speakers: Daniel Gaynor, Co-Founder and Head of Kelp, a Signal AI product, Shann Biglione, Co-Founder and Head of Product, Kelp, a Signal AI product

Panel Discussion with Benjamin Thiele-Long, Deirdre Latour, Dan Simon, and David Benigson: Using Data to Deepen Reputational Impact

Amid this reputation data revolution, there are key players who are already wielding cutting–edge technology, broad data sets and intuitive metrics to make decisions that enhance corporate reputation. Watch this panel discussion as Comms leaders discuss key pillars of data in Communications, how Reputation has grown to be a lever for business performance, how Comms leaders can approach a fractured landscape and the cross-winds of policy, politics, and instability and more.

Speakers: Dan Simon, Chairman and Co-Founder of Vested, Benjamin Thiele-Long, Director of Executive and Business Communications at Petco, Deidre Latour, former Chief Communications Officer at GE and former President at Edelman, and David Benigson, CEO at Signal AI

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