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Video • 15/05/2023

[Webinar] The future of sentiment analysis: How AI has changed the game

Understanding how your business is mentioned is one of the foundations underpinning the value we bring our customers. It can inform communications campaigns, corporate messaging, how businesses approach risks and the decisions they make.

We are proud of our market-leading data set and cutting-edge AI technology behind our platform, but we know it can always be improved. That is why our dedicated engineers have built the next generation of AI-powered sentiment analysis to give you an even more seamless experience. Our model has always offered more accurate and reliable results than other leading solutions from Google and Microsoft, thanks to our target based approach which analyzes companies and not sentences.

Join us for a short demonstration and Q&A with Signal AI’s Head of Product, Andy Wollatt and Manager of Customer Success, Americas, Michael Manley to learn how:

  • You can benefit from the increased accuracy and reliability of our data
  • To gain a better insight into external perceptions of both your company and those you want to monitor
  • A higher level of accuracy means fewer manual corrections and a more seamless experience of our platform
  • Our target based approach makes it easier to spot risks in your portfolio

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