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Video • 26/05/2020

[Webinar] Global PR Measurement 101: How to establish a framework for success

Establishing a framework to measure success on a global scale can be a tricky and lengthy process. Global organizations will face a myriad of challenges when it comes to aligning what success looks like from a communications perspective, from regional or thematic differences in priorities and reporting to evolving media landscapes – and that’s before getting buy-in from various executives across the organization.

In this webinar, Chichi Osuagwu, Communications Officer at the World Bank Group, shares her insights on:

  • Understanding communications measurement and evaluation (M&E)
  • Achieving buy-in from across the organization
  • Setting S.M.A.R.T outcome goals that ladder up to business objectives
  • Identifying the right channels and output metrics
  • How to bring it all together

Signal AI’s Head of Services Sales, Neil Morrison, will be moderating the webinar and sharing his insights on building a measurement program and demonstrating impact.


About the speakers

Chichi Osuagwu, Communications Officer at the World Bank Group, is a bit of a data nerd and is, perhaps understandably, passionate about evaluating impact. As a Communications Measurement and Evaluation (M&E) Strategist, she is currently leading the development of IFC’s Communications M&E Framework. Prior to this, she contributed to the development of the World Bank’s Communications M&E Framework. Chichi has worked both in the Middle East and the US, with most of her career focused on being a trusted adviser to marketing and communication teams.

Neil Morrison, who recently joined Signal AI as Head of Global Analysis Services, has worked in the PR Measurement industry for over 16 years. Neil is a strong believer in aiming high with a measurement program, and will always look to demonstrate the impact that his clients are having on their organisations reputation and objectives. Neil is excited to join Signal and help drive the combination of AI driven and Human Enriched analysis services.

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