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Video • 19/11/2020

[Webinar] How Virgin Media O2 makes a bigger impact with their PR measurement strategy

In this session, Joe McMann, Senior Communications Manager, Corporate Affairs at Virgin Media O2, will demonstrate how to:

  • Make use of huge data sets that previously cost millions to analyze
  • Reduce the blind spots in media analysis
  • Best visualize data and provide an extra layer of insights

Our experts

Joe McMann, Senior Communications Manager, Corporate Affairs, O2 Telefónica

Joe McMann leads on insight and business narrative for Corporate Affairs at O2, working across the whole team to bring a more strategic, evidence-based approach to communications. This includes improving the way the team plans, delivers and evaluates its activity, ensuring focus is given to the areas that drive the greatest business outcomes. Before this, Joe led the Internal Communications team at O2. He previously worked for British Airways, where he completed his Masters degree in Internal Communications.

Neil Morrison, Head of Global Analysis Services, Signal AI

Neil Morrison, Signal AI’s Head of Global Analysis Services, has worked in the PR measurement industry for over 16 years. Neil is a strong believer in aiming high with a measurement programme, and will always look to demonstrate the impact that his clients are having on their organizations’ reputation and objectives. Neil is excited to join Signal and help drive the combination of AI driven and Human Enriched analysis services.

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