Signal AI 2024 UK Elections Tracker

The Signal AI 2024 UK Elections Tracker utilises AI to monitor media coverage of candidates from various political parties.

Contrary to traditional survey methods, Signal AI leverages advanced big data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to conduct an exhaustive examination of a candidate’s media engagements across more than 70 topics, ranging from Brexit to Clean Energy.

This analysis includes assessing their share of voice and sentiment across three distinct tiers:

The 2024 UK Election Tracker introduces innovative perspectives in four principal domains:

Updated weekly, our election tracker tells you what topics candidates and leading parties are most associated with, as well as how positively (or negatively) they appear across four fundamental pillars: Security, The Economy, Social Issues, and Fitness For Office. 


What is the polarity score?

The polarity score offers a quantitative assessment of sentiment, accounting for the significance of the disparity between positive and negative mentions relative to the overall intensity of emotions tied to the topic. A score of 100% indicates an equitable 50% – 50% division between positive and negative sentiment, whereas 0% indicates exclusive presence of positive or negative mentions, or merely neutral sentiment.