“Having constant, real-time, access to the news as it breaks gives us a pretty strong overview and advantage… This is something not a lot of other tools have, and it is incredibly useful for a company like ours.”

After wrapping up a long day at work and sifting through a seemingly endless slew of emails, the stale leftovers sitting in your fridge at home might not be the most thrilling dinner option. Scrolling through hundreds of dining options on your phone, finally settling on your heart’s desire, and then hearing that knock on your door just 30 minutes later can be a simple luxury that can make your day. This special indulgence is exactly what Delivery Hero provides to up to 2.2 billion hungry customers around the world. With more than ten brands operating across 70+ countries and four continents, Delivery Hero is the world’s leading local delivery platform.

The company’s tremendous scale presents a daunting challenge for its modestly- sized corporate comms team. Every day, Delivery Hero fields countless tweets and news stories on topics ranging from stock volatility to innocuous customer selfies. To make sense of it all, Delivery Hero relies on Signal AI to automatically surface relevant stories and arm its team with the insights needed to monitor the company’s reputation and navigate any crisis.

Less Work, More Strategy

The endless stream of content making its way onto the screens of Delivery Hero’s comms team can get overwhelming very quickly. Lara Hesse, Head of Corporate Communications at Delivery Hero, highlighted how frustrating sifting through the avalanche of content was prior to Signal, “We used basic media monitoring tools. No AI, no analysis, no reporting. It picked up Delivery Hero and maybe our CEO’s name, so we had to do all the analysis work afterward and connect the dots.” Isobel Hambleton, Senior Comms Specialist at Delivery Hero, added “I would spend all of Tuesday afternoon having to go through the weekly article intake… It was a lot more manual labor.”

By reducing workload and increasing efficiency, Signal had a significant impact on the Delivery Hero comms team, but the upside wasn’t limited to cutting through the noise. In addition to vetting vast amounts of data and swatting away irrelevant news stories, comms teams need intelligent interpretation of the relevant content. Particularly for a company like Delivery Hero, which must also navigate sensitive topics across many disparate regions in a variety of different languages, this becomes even more crucial. Lara emphasized the importance of staying on top of news coming out of dozens of different countries. By understanding the true sentiment behind a barrage of headlines, Delivery Hero is better equipped to anticipate and prevent crises.

Delivering Next-Gen Crisis Prevention

In a crisis, every minute counts. Prior to Signal, communication teams often faced a serious challenge: a 24-hour delay in receiving relevant information and analysis, putting them a day behind the conversation. For tech companies like Delivery Hero, staying on top of incoming news is crucial for monitoring stock plunges, navigating labor rights laws, or deterring data breaches. Real- time media monitoring enabled Delivery Hero to quickly identify potential issues and get ahead of the crisis before it spirals out of control. Hambleton remarked, “Having constant, real-time, access to the news as it breaks gives us a pretty strong overview and advantage… This is something not a lot of other tools have, and it is incredibly useful for a company like ours.”

The Delivery Hero comms team also uses real-time insights to monitor investor-centric news. As a corporate brand, the news that’s often most relevant is financial. To stay current, Delivery Hero leverages Signal AI’s tools to track news on the corporate level, filtering out any B2C stories. This capability is particularly useful for tracking high-growth subsidiaries and how they perform in the media. Delivery Hero’s focus on the news extends beyond itself as well – it also keeps an eye on its competitors and tracks their activities on key topics such as financial growth, sustainability, and tech innovation. This allows Delivery Hero to stay informed of industry trends and remain competitive in the fast- paced food delivery market.

Signal AI is not a crystal ball when it comes to crisis prevention and reputational management, but thanks to AI-powered monitoring and analysis, and robust reporting capabilities, it can take on much of the heavy lifting for comms teams, freeing workers to focus on more strategic and creative tasks. For an international company like Delivery Hero, Signal AI is the secret ingredient helping them deliver a consistently delightful experience to users around the world, while continuing to fuel growth in new markets.