In the fast-paced realm of PR and Communications, the need to cut through the noise has never been more critical. Traditional methods can only take you so far, leaving executives grappling with the challenge of identifying impactful corporate narratives and understanding their competitive landscape amidst a vast sea of news articles and social media reactions.

Signal AI’s Advanced Analytics – a tool that transcends the buzzwords surrounding AI to deliver tangible and transformative insights for PR and Comms executives – was conceived with that problem in mind.

By harnessing Signal’s AI-powered search engine, which processes over five million documents daily—from traditional news to podcasts, blogs, and social media across 75 languages and 150 markets—the new Advanced Analytics functionality offers companies a unique blend of breadth and depth. This capability is tailored to assist in translating data into actionable insights, bringing organizations closer to achieving their strategic goals.

AI-powered Advanced Analytics as a Strategic Game-Changer in the Auto industry

In this post, we demonstrate the capabilities of the new Advanced Analytics feature by spotlighting the top 5 companies that have dominated the reputation rankings in the automotive industry on Signal AI during the last quarter. The Signal-AI 500 ranking uses big data and artificial intelligence to assess a company’s reputation across hundreds of topics. This global ranking encompasses over 20 industries, offering insights into the world’s most discussed companies.

The Advanced Analytics feature helps you quickly spot the main topics shaping positive and negative news about your company. It shows how closely linked each topic is to your company and uncovers common themes in discussions about these topics between your company and its main competitors.

Most impactful topics for Hyundai Motor Company

Traditional analytics may offer general insights into the auto industry, and relying on outdated methods like Boolean searches could confine users to a top-down search approach, potentially overlooking important topics that naturally bubble up in the news media landscape.

Advanced Analytics takes it a step further, utilizing AI to automatically identify niche discussions, spot emerging trends, and uncover potential pitfalls that might have slipped under the radar. This empowers PR & Comms professionals to proactively manage reputation, mitigate potential negative impacts in the future, and find strategic corporate narrative lines for positioning their company in a more favorable light.

This tool also lets PR & Comms professionals explore emerging topics more deeply and analyze how their company is doing compared to competitors.

Zooming in on the topic of electric vehicles (EV), it’s clear that Hyundai leads the pack, closely associated with the topic and enjoying extensive positive news coverage in the last quarter. Yet, competitors aren’t far behind. Using this insight to inform strategic communication strategies can help Hyundai stay ahead in EV discussions and stand out in the crowded EV news media coverage landscape.

Landscape analysis for electric vehicles topic comparing sentiment analysis

Topic Analysis allows users to zoom in and out of key topics and map a company’s presence in global conversations l. Presented in a user-friendly and easily understandable format, this feature empowers Comms teams to assess the effectiveness of their efforts in guiding corporate strategy and reputation.

For Hyundai, which leads Signal AI’s global reputation ranking in the automotive industry and is positioned at number 5 overall, the reasons behind their success in critical reputation metrics such as innovation extend beyond their dominance in electric vehicle (EV) conversations.

For example, news coverage surrounding their investments in research infrastructure has also significantly fueled positive attention. The announcement of Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center initiating the construction of a new research center in Germany for innovation has been particularly notable, setting the company apart from its competitors.

Regarding corporate governance, Hyundai’s dedication to transparency and ESG goals has garnered substantial positive recognition. The company received the ‘Excellent Public Disclosure Corporation’ award for its corporate governance report and secured the top spot for sustainability reporting.

Hyundai associations chart covering association levels for topics like female leadership

However, unlike its peers, who receive positive coverage for promoting female leadership, Hyundai faced predominantly negative coverage of gender equality in the workplace due to a lack of female representation in its labor force. As gender equality and empowerment topics become increasingly vital in assessing corporate reputation, addressing these aspects must become a more crucial component of the company’s communication agendas.

With Advanced Analytics, you can quickly see which topics are getting attention in the media and who’s leading in the most talked-about areas, whether it’s your company or competitors.

For example, Hyundai is in the spotlight for fuel cells, mainly because of its significant investment in hydrogen-based and carbon-free tech mobility. Their partnership with Saudi Arabia to establish a hydrogen mobility hub adds to this focus and highlights the company’s commitment to be a driving force of innovation in the automotive sector.

Yet, when it comes to carbon neutrality and emissions reduction, it’s Hyundai’s competitors who attract the most attention. Hyundai’s significant investments in hydrogen-based initiatives provide an opportunity for them to highlight their commitment to these crucial issues, aligning their existing emphasis on innovation with their focus on sustainability.

How can Advanced Analytics be used to augment the strategic value of your insights?

Understanding the landscape & identifying corporate narrative whitespaces

In the age of information overload, executives are often left to navigate a vast sea of data, struggling to discern meaningful insights. Advanced Analytics steps in as a beacon, guiding professionals through the intricacies of AI-driven narrative analysis. No longer confined to surface-level metrics, Signal AI’s tools offer a profound understanding of the media landscape.

Unlike traditional methods that hinge on PR & Comms professionals crafting lengthy boolean queries to gauge how the company is mentioned within a set of deemed relevant topics, these advanced analyses provide a broader and more unrestricted view of the overall landscape, removing the guesswork out of the process of identifying the narrative whitespaces that are directly relevant to your company’s strategy, and allowing you to see what topics naturally emerge in the news media landscape. 

Transforming sentiment into tangible insights

The sentiment surrounding your brand can make or break its reputation. However traditional methods often struggle to capture the nuances of sentiment analysis, making it a challenge to turn sentiment data into useful insights. Signal AI  goes beyond surface-level assessments.  It not only identifies if a topic is associated with your brand but gauges the sentiment attached to it, and considering the level of association to that topic gives you clear insights on whether that’s a topic that is winning positive attention, or one that needs mitigation. This granular understanding allows executives to craft strategies that resonate positively with their audience and mitigate potential risks.

In the era of AI-powered everything, it’s not merely about adopting technology; it’s about leveraging it strategically. Advanced Analytics positions itself not just as a tool but as a game-changer for PR and Comms executives. It’s a compass in the tumultuous sea of narratives, guiding brands toward untapped opportunities, helping them own their corporate narratives, and ensuring a strategic advantage in the ever-evolving media landscape.